Strategic Council


Rui Miguel, Chairman of the Strategic Council of Covilhã’s Candidacy for UNESCO’s Creative City in Design. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering at UBI and President of the Department of Textile Science and Technology. Member of the Senate, the Faculty Council and the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Engineering at UBI. Member of the Advisory Council of ATP – Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association. Doctorate and degree in Textile Engineering from UBI. Researcher at FibEnTech and FAIA CIAUD. Since 2000, he has been primarily responsible for the creation and development of UBI’s Fashion Design courses. He was a researcher at CSIC (Barcelona), in “engineering design” and fabric performance. He has been involved in several scientific projects and partnership with companies in the textile and clothing industry, financed by FCT and Portugal 2020.

Strategic Council

Afonso Borges, Designer, professor of product design and researcher of everyday objects. Collaborator at UBI, director of the Master Course in Industrial Design and member of the Scientific Council of FAL. PhD in Design by UA, Master in Industrial Design by FEUP, graduated in Communication Design by FBAUP. Collaborates in the Master courses in Industrial and Product Design at FBAUP. Withholder of professional practice in product design, communication and identity design or supporting partnerships established at UBI. Developed and collaborated in projects for many national and international partners. LabCom member and ID+ collaborator.

Ana Paula Almeida, begins her journey as a textile author with the creation of the brand Petrus, hand-made art pieces made of the region’s woollen goods. She coordinates workshops on the range of several themes, directed towards children and the young public. For the project Creative Stories, she created 12 dolls inspired by the 12 legends of the Portuguese Historical Villages, where she was twice awarded the 1st prize for Heritage Internationalization. Founding member of New Hand Lab, she participates, within the scope of this collective, in the creation of the piece “Carocha coated with wool”, winning the prize for Best Stand at BTL 2018 on behalf of the city of Covilhã. Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at UBI; PhD in Paper Engineering by UBI and the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble.

António Dinis Marques, Professor at the Department of Textile Engineering at UM. Degree in Textile Engineering, Master in Design and Marketing and PhD in Textile Engineering. Member of the Textile Science and Technology Center (2C2T). Author or co-author of more than 4 dozen scientific articles, reviewer of several publications and scientific journals (Textile Research Journal, Sustainability, etc.). Regular member of scientific commissions of numerous international conferences. Director of the Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, member of the Master’s Committee in Textile, Clothing and Accessories Product Design and member of the Pedagogical Council of the School of Engineering at UM. Member of European projects; researcher for TEXSTRA (Erasmus), and member of the Textile Fashion Cluster, at SIG VI: Digitalization of Manufacturing and New Business Models. Scientific Mentor and CEO of Spinoff (SPINUM) TO-BE-GREEN focused on Circular Economy in Fashion and Digitalization.

António José Dinis Miraldes, With a degree in Management from Universidade Fernando Pessoa in Porto and a postgraduate degree in “Managing Projects in Partnership” from the Faculty of Economics of Coimbra, he was a financial consultant, between 1996 and 2008, in several consulting companies and business associations. He is an accredited consultant by IAPMEI, AEP – Associação Empresarial Portuguesa and AIP -Associação Industrial Portuguesa. He participated, prepared and executed applications and investment projects under community programs. Between 2014 and 2020, he served as head of a multidisciplinary team and coordinator of the technical support structure for the Intermunicipal Community of Beiras and Serra da Estrela, and responsible for the implementation and execution of inter-municipal projects as a promoter under the Territorial Development and Cohesion Pact, within the scope of Portugal 2020. Currently, he serves as executive secretary of the Intermunicipal Community of Beiras and Serra da Estrela.

António Pinto Pires , Master in Museology at ULHT, he obtained postgraduate degrees in heritage defence by CNC and UNL. Author of several museology studies and projects for Covilhã, aimed at the creation and design of a museum for the city, he has published numerous articles under culture and heritage defence themes, both in national and foreign newspapers and magazines. He was the 1st president of the Installment Executive Committee of the National Railway Museum, in Entroncamento. Chairman of the Associação Cava Juliana and Orfeão da Covilhã. Member of the Portuguese Association of Industrial Archeology, the Portuguese Association of Industrial Heritage, and the Portuguese Association for the Safeguard of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

António Santos Pereira , Academic Correspondent of the Portuguese Academy of History, Full Professor at UBI, he has presided the Department of Arts and Letters and directed the Wool Museum. Member of the UNL’s Overseas History Center, LabCom and is currently part of the Praxis-Center for Philosophy, Politics and Culture. Development issues, regional and local history, nationalisms, Iberian studies, old bookstores, classic authors and Portuguese literature, the establishment and evolution of the liberal regime, history of the periodic press and the textile industry constitute the diversify of themes referred in his publications.

Bárbara Coutinho, in construction

Catarina Grácio de Moura , Assistant Professor at UBI and Vice President at FAL. PhD in Communication Sciences and researcher at LabCom. Co-creator and co-editor of Eikon. She co-organizes DESIGNA and Illustrada – Illustration Day. She collaborates in organizing events and coordinating workgroups in Culture and Fashion Design areas. Member of the Scientific, Editorial and Review Committee of numerous publications and Design and Visual Communication events. Member of the Strategic Council for the Candidacy of Guarda to the European Capital of Culture 2027, of the Scientific Council of the Design Research Network and the Design Observatory. She develops research in the areas of Theory, Culture and Design Criticism; Theory, Culture and Fashion History; Design and Interdisciplinarity; Visual Semiotics; and Contemporary Art.

Daniel Raposo, Communication designer, PhD in design from FAUTL and professor at the School of Applied Arts, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. Researcher in design and branding. Collaborates with FAUL, UPSA, Joan Costa Institute of Akali International University and Seconda Università di Napoli. Developed research projects involving educational, artistic, social and urban development; agro-food innovation by design, the promotion of the artistic heritage between Zêzere and the Tagus and the design of tourist circuits; biotechnological derma applications of olive oils from the mountains of the Beiras and Serra da Estrela regions.

Emanuel Castro , Degree in Geography, with specialization in Environmental Studies, Master in Geography and Spatial Planning, with the dissertation “Integrated Analysis of the Landscape of the Portuguese Central Ray” and PhD in Geography, with the dissertation “A Serra da Estrela: Strategies for Tourism Development and Territorial Promotion – Contributions of Geography ”, by the FA of UC. Professor at IPG – Guarda (2003 – 2017). Participant in several research projects in Tourism, Landscape Analysis, Territorial Development and Geographic Information Systems. He is currently Executive Coordinator at Associação Geopark Estrela and manager of the UNESCO World Geopark Estrela.

Filipe Carriço , Stylist, Art Director and Fashion Producer. Graduated from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, he was public relations assistant at Lux Frágil during the three years of the course. He spent a year in New York and, back in Portugal, he collaborated as a fashion editor for Elle Magazine. After a new experience abroad, in Stockholm, he returns to Lisbon, to direct the lifestyle segment of a supplementary magazine of Diário Económico – Fora de Série, where he worked as a fashion and luxury editor for 6 years. Currently, he provides styling, fashion editing and product design services for various platforms, such as magazines, newspapers, television programs, exhibitions, events and social networks, and several clients, such as Chanel, Bulgari, Vogue, Elle, Máxima, Amorim Luxury Group, Stivali, Loja Das Meias, Cristina Magazine, SIC and RTP.

Elisa Calado Pinheiro , Graduated in History by FLUL, founder and first director of the Wool Museum at UBI, and former teacher of this institution. Author of numerous scientific publications on Archeology and Industrial Heritage subjects, Museology and History of Industry, she coordinated several international projects, including the transnational pilot project ARQUEOTEX and the Wool Route – TRANSLANA. She received several awards and distinctions, including the Silver Medal of Municipal Merit, granted by the Municipality of Covilhã, and the Doctorate Honoris Causa, granted by UBI. She is currently an Integrated Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History at FCSH-UNL.

Francisco Geraldes , Draftsman, model maker, art painter, photographer, journalist, cultural facilitator and lover of archaeology, bibliography and collecting. After completing the Designer course at the Campos Melo Industrial and Commercial School, he worked at the Architect Pinto de Sousa Atelier for 9 years. In his studio, he carried out hundreds of construction, reconstruction and decoration projects for residential buildings, churches, chapels, restaurants, factories, typical houses, from north to south of the country. In 1989, he received the Castelo Branco District Medal for his commitment to the defence and dissemination of cultural heritage. Awarded the Bronze Medal during the Commemorations of the 110th anniversary of the elevation of Covilhã to the category of city and Commemorative Silver Medal of the 4th Centenary of Frei Heitor Pinto.

Jorge dos Reis , Assistant Professor at FBAUL where he founded and directs the Master Course in Contemporary Typographic and Editorial Practices. Integrated researcher at the Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts. His work is extensive and diverse, dedicated to graphic and typographic design; he exhibits drawing and painting. He collaborated with designer Robin Fior and typographer Alan Kitching. He attended the National Conservatory in the singing class with António Wagner. Degree in Communication Design from FBAUL, Master of Arts from Royal College of Art, Master in Sociology of Communication from ISCTE and doctorate from UL. He is on the scientific and frequently executive board of several national and international magazines and congresses. He has been a visiting professor at universities in several countries.

José Ramos Pires Manso , Full Professor at UL, Aggregate Professor at UBI, PhD in Economics from ISEG. Member of the Research Center of Business Sciences. President of the General Assembly of DRCA – Order of Economists, of the General Assembly of the Food Bank Against Hunger and of IPSS Fiscal Council. Executive Director of the Rural Development Association, responsible for the Observatory for Economic and Social Development at UBI and collaborator for European, Spanish and Portuguese Caritas. He integrates some Honor Commissions and Advisory Councils. He is a member of the Enerária Direction-AMCB and a provider of the Municipality of Covilhã. A regular contributor to national and regional television and radio broadcasts as well as newspapers and magazines.

Júlio Londrim , Degree in Design and Architecture, with design practice in both areas, he traverses the two aspects in building projects, industrial design, and naval equipment, in Portugal and the African continent. Professor at UBI in Industrial Design and Multimedia Design. PhD in Architecture, his research focuses on the application of a design methodology in architecture and equipment design with emphasis on Developing Countries. He crosses geography with architecture and design and local vernacular materials with global technology, with the premise of social, ecological, economic sustainability and in a perspective of empowerment of local communities.

Luís da Cruz , Multimedia artist, designer and curator. With a background in Design and Architecture, he collaborated, early in his career, with Pierre Cardin, supervising the reconstruction, renovation and decoration of buildings, apartments, hotels, restaurants and showrooms. He founded and coordinated DCDC (1995-2000), a design and decoration consultancy company, and the Musée Maison in New York (2006-2018), a Casa Museum, study centre, artistic residency and community workshop. With a wide range of customers around the world, he created a line of fabrics, furniture and lamps, where iron, mixed with several other materials, such as wood, bamboo, fabric, glass or even leaves, occupies a prominent place. Finding potential in anything he transforms ordinary objects into unique pieces.

Luís Geraldes , Degree in Design, postgraduate in Education and Painting, Master in Art and Design and PhD in Visual Arts. In 1985 he moved to Australia, where he established his art and Design studio, dividing his time between arts and art teaching and design. Professor at RMIT University Institute, Western University, Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE and Lavalla College. Using a hermetic symbology with intense colours and aligned with the postmodern expressionist movement, his work has been exhibited and represented along the 5 continents, making this artist internationally recognized. His latest exhibitions were held at Red Square Art (Hong Kong); Gallery Singapore; Latrobe Regional Gallery, Sale Gallery and Footscray Art Center (Australia); António Pérez Foundation (Spain); São Mamede Gallery, São Roque Museum, Dom Luís I Foundation, Guarda Art Museum, José Monteiro Museum e Moagem (Portugal).

Luís Nogueira , President of the UBI Department of Arts, where he is Assistant Professor. He was director of the Degree course in Cinema. He teaches course units such as Cinematographic Genres, Screenwriting Laboratory, Editing, History of Cinema, Animation, Photography and Cinema and Other Arts. The relationship between cinema and other arts and media, such as literature, painting, theatre, photography, comics, video clips or new digital media, as well as intertextuality, intermediality and transmediality are other themes of his interest. He has published several cinema books such as Screenwriting Laboratory, Film Genres, Planning and Editing, The Filmmakers and their Art and Cinema Stories.

Madalena Pereira , Assistant Professor at UBI. PhD in Textile Engineering from UBI. Member of UNIDCOM-IADE-EU and FibEnTech. With areas of specialization in the textile and clothing industry, fashion design, sourcing and sustainability at ITV, technologies for the clothing industry, fashion accessories and fashion trends. Director of the Fashion Design course during the greatest student growth period of this 1st cycle course at UBI. Director of the Masters in Fashion Design (UBI / IADE) and Branding and Fashion Design (UBI / IADE-UE). Responsible and member of applied research projects and in partnership with CITEVE, such as U. MAKE.ID, Project PT 21 – Powered Textiles S 21st Century, TEXBOOST, among others. Supporter of the creation of one of the first projects directed towards the promotion and internationalization of Wool, led by ANIL and in partnership with UBI, APIV and ICEP, designated TexVision (Portugal In, EcoLan and InProlan), whose investment involved 4.2 million Euros.

Maria da Graça Guilherme d`Almeida Sardinha , graduated in Portuguese-French with Pedagogical Internship, Master in Education and PhD in Letters. Lecturer in the Department of Letters of UBI dedicated to teacher training and pedagogical supervision in several schools in the country. Municipal deputy and secretary member of the Municipal Assembly of Covilhã. Member of the Scientific Committee of Limite: Revista de Estudios Portugueses y de la Lusofonía of the Universidad de Extremadura (UEX), book writer and author of scientific articles in specialized magazines, both Portuguese and foreign. Scientific consultant at the Centro de Formação da Associação de Escolas da Beira Interior, commissioner at the Child and Youth Protection Commission and member of the Administrative Bureau of Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Covilhã.

Miguel Gigante , was born in Covilhã, in a family of wool workers. The focus of his work is design as a process and the conception of a textile product. He created a studio in 1992, through which he develops partnerships with the industry, ranging from the production of collections to his technical and commercial follow-up. In 2008 he created the Atelier de Burel brand, which presents original proposals in the field of clothing and decoration. Promoting slow fashion and product profitability, the brand represents a compromise between design and craftsmanship, marked by the identity of the territory in which it is inspired. He participates in commercial and exhibition events, national and European, which include the initiative “Vestir a História” (2013) or the collective space “Almada 13” in Porto. He is a co-founder and co-director of New Hand Lab, an atmosphere where he finds the stage to put personal and collective projects into practice.

Pedro Guedes de Carvalho, PhD in Economics, he was President of the Department of Sport Sciences and President of FCSH at UBI. Retired CIDESD researcher. He participated in several projects related to the regional development of the Interior region. His research interests focus on applied economics in urban economics, in particular regional development, cities, tourism and the impact assessment of sporting events and the definition of different public policies, organizational coaching, having published several articles in magazines, as well a few book chapters regarding such matters. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Orfeão / Conservatório de Música da Covilhã and President of the International Society for Comparative Studies of Physical Education and Sport.

Pedro Seixo Rodrigues, Architect, graduate from Lusíada University of Lisbon, he has carried out several architectural, interior architecture and rehabilitation projects. Invited Assistant in the Architecture Course at UBI. Co-founder of WOOL – Covilhã Arte Urbana, he has remained since the 1st edition as co-curator and co-producer of this festival. Co-founder of A Tentadora, a cowork space for creative areas, a contemporary craft shop with designer pieces and Portuguese gourmet food products and an exhibition gallery and other cultural events. He collaborates with the company Formas Efémeras in museography projects and cultural events, namely in the curation and production of urban art interventions, most of the time in a rural context.

Rita Salvado, Director of the Wool Museum. Assistant Professor at UBI. PhD in Textile Engineering with European PhD (Portugal, France, and Sweden). She has been granted the scientific award The Fiber Society Student Award. She develops leveraged research in synergies between Textile Engineering, Design and Heritage, cooperating with companies in R & D projects and in knowledge transfer actions, promoting the development of the creative textile industry and creative tourism. In 2019 she was granted the Techtextil Innovation Award. She has focused on the projective dimension of the Museum’s collection, the accessibility of ARQUEOTEX and the application of fabrics and historical drawings in the development of new and creative educational and cultural tourism products and services. This line of work is articulated with the dynamization of the Wool Route – TRANSLANA, in an approach of collective valorization of the wool heritage, binding sustainable development.

Rui Sena , Degree in Theater Studies from UE. Artistic Director of the Municipal Theater of Covilhã since August 2020. Founding member and artistic director of Teatro das Beiras, Quatro Parade – Associação de Artes Performativas da Covilhã, and Festival Y – performing arts festival. Since 1974 he has directed around 20 productions, with plays by Albee, Brecht, Tchekov, Strindberg, António Skarmetta, Marivaux, Raul Brandão and Augusto Sobral, with scenography by José Manuel Castanheira. He carried out an internship with Teatri di Vita – Bologna, oriented by Stefano Casi. Artistic director of Teatro Virgínia, he has participated in workshops with Konrad Zschiedrich / Berliner Ensemble, Eugenio Barba / Odin Teatret, Carlos Alberto Machado, José Alberto Ferreira, among many others. Monitorized workshops in Vodingborg / Denmark, Stratford-up-Avon / UK, Covilhã and Santarém, he coordinates “Nós – Projeto de ação social e artística”, managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Sara Velez , Design Professor at the FAL of UBI, vice-president of the Department of Arts and director of Master courses in Design Multimedia. Researcher at LABCOM – Communication and Arts at UBI. PhD in Communication Design at the FBL of the UL, with a research focused on Vilém Flusser’s contributions to a theory of communication design in an information society. Investigator and author of research papers focusing on design theory, mediation of design objects communication, the political dimension of design and its dilemmas in a society arbitrated by information technologies.

Teresa Franqueira , Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro and Visiting Professor at the KEDGE Business School in Paris, France. Executive Director and scientific coordinator of Design Factory Aveiro, promoting and implementing design methodologies in the sharing of knowledge and technology between academia and economic, social, and cultural spheres. Founder and coordinator of the research group ID + DESIS Lab until 2018 and member of the International Coordination Committee of the DESIS – Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability network. PhD in Industrial Design by Politecnico di Milano, Master in Industrial Design by FEUP / ESAD, postgraduate in Industrial Design by Glasgow School of Art / CPD and graduated in Design by ESAD Matosinhos. She was a professor in the Doctoral Program in Design at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), at Tongji University College of Design & Innovation (Shanghai), in the Master course in Industrial and Product Design at FBAUP and at KISD – Koln International School of Design (Germany).

Urbano Sidoncha , PhD in Contemporary Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. He is a professor at UBI, an integrated researcher at the Praxis-Center for Philosophy, Politics and Culture, and Coordinator of the Culture Research Group at this Center. He led the establishment and was the first Director of the Cultural Sciences Courses (undergraduate) and the Master course in Cultural Studies, both at UBI. He is president of the Strategic Council of the Candidacy of Guarda to the European Capital of Culture in 2027.

In memoriam Ana Gonçalo (1975-2021), Graphic designer and freelance textile designer. Graduated in Design Multimedia and developed a doctoral project in Media Arts at UBI, under the guidance of Francisco Paiva, entitled “Textile Poetics: Analogies and Visual Codes”. In 2016, in the historic center of Covilhã, she opened the doors of Cinco Atelier, a place where she exhibited, experimented and transmitted her textile and graphic knowledge, both informally and in workshops. Since 2019, she joined New Hand Lab as an author and board member. She began her professional career as a designer at A Penteadora. Ana Gonçalo obtained the 1st place in the logo creation contests for the Teatro Municipal de Bragança and the creation of visual identity for the Municipality of Covilhã. She was one of tge Top 10 Finalists for the 9th Annual Worlwide Photo Walk.