Project Team

General Coordination

Regina Gouveia, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Covilhã. Graduated in Social Communication, Master and PhD in Communication Science. Teacher of Basic Education for 15 years and of Higher Education since 1996. As director of the Degree in Multimedia Communication of the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, she was responsible for numerous projects and events, namely within the scope of Social Responsibility. As a communication consultant, she participated in the graphic design and review of several institutional / business publications. She is currently a Permanent Councilor for the Municipality of Covilhã, with the responsibility for Culture, as well as Social Action, Education and Youth, among others.

Executive Director

Francisco Paiva, Executive Director of the Covilhã’s application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design field. Associate Professor at Universidade da Beira Interior, where he directs the PhD in Media Arts. PhD in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country, graduated in Architecture by the Universidade de Coimbra and graduated in Design by the Universidade de Lisboa. He was visiting researcher at the University of Bordeaux 3. He directed the Multimedia Design course for 7 years. He coordinates the Arts Group at LABCOM – Communication and Arts / UBI. He publishes and exhibits regularly. Scientific coordinator of DESIGNA International Conference on Research in Design, iArtes / Arts Research and of the platform Montanha Mágica Arte e Paisagem. Member of CooLabora, a social intervention cooperative.

Project Team

Patrícia Pinto, Head of Culture Division . Degree in Communication and Economic Relations, by the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda (IPG). Senior Communication technician, she worked at the Communication and Public Relations, at the Support to the Mayor bureaux and Balcão Único at the Municipality of Covilhã. She works at the Support bureaux of the Culture Councillor, with special emphasis on the organization and management of events and the respective financial coordination. Currently, she is head of the Culture Division at the Covilhã City Council.

Inês Viegas, Advisory to the Executive Direction of the Covilhã’s application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design field. Master student in Lusophone Studies at UBI, graduated in History by FLUP, having also studied Theater at the Professional School of Balleteatro (Porto). Currently, she collaborates in the partnership project between the Wool Museum and the Faculty of Engineering of UBI to commemorate the centenary of the wool company Empresa Transformadora de Lãs, Lda. and the 20 years of FE. Self-taught visual artist, she made her professional illustration debut in 2020. Among her musical projects, “contemporary medieval” stands out, where the experimental composition intersects with the phonetics of the Old Portuguese. As an actress, she worked with directors such as Nuno M. Cardoso, Luís Mestre or Pedro Penim and, more recently, in the play “Cá estou eu nas nuvens” at Teatro das Beiras.

Sónia de Sá, Communication Advisory. Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Philosophy and Politics at the Universidade da Beira Interior. PhD in Communication Sciences, in the sub-area of inclusive television. She supervises master’s dissertations and doctoral theses, whose themes relate to his main research interests, namely, gender studies, queer studies and representations of minorities, in particular, gypsy communities, black women and the LGBTQ + community. Co-author of three books and author of several articles. She participates / participated in several national and international projects that bring scientific research closer to direct action with the audiences involved. She is also a communication consultant in various political and civic projects that: 1) value the role of women in society, 2) give voice to minorities, especially Afro-descendants, gypsy communities and LGBTQ + and 3) value the interior of the country. In her civic action, she volunteers with non-profit organizations and publishes monthly articles in the written press on gender equality, inequality of treatment in the interior of the country and social inequalities of minorities in Portugal.

Regina Alexandre, Mapping, Diagnosis, Partnership and Public Relations. Superior technician, graduated in Language and Modern Literature, by FCSH of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She was a secondary school teacher. She worked at the wool company A Penteadora as a manager of foreign language markets, administrative contracts within the scope of national and european public tenders and public relations, having also organized processes inherent to the company’s presence in trade fairs and contests of the specialty: Première Vision, Interstof A, Top Look – European Fabric Fair, Mod ’tissimo. As a collaborator in the Culture Department of the Municipality of Covilhã, since 2003, she participates in the inventory of documents from the historical archive; in the organization and inventory of the collection of Sacred Art Museums and Art and Culture Museum and its dynamism; and elaborated tourist routes, “Road Books” with trilingual edition. She is currently coordinator of the exhibition spaces Galeria de Exposições Tinturaria and Galeria António Lopes.

Carla Alexandra Santos, Inventory and Diagnosis. Member of the Covilhã’s application Project Team to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design field, as an employee of the Municipality of Covilhã. She joined a research team in the EU since 1997. She was a senior technician at the Municipality of Trancoso. Graduated in History – Cultural Heritage branch at the University of Évora. She completed the Sephardic Studies course in Portugal and the first Seminar in the área, at the University of Lisbon, in 1997/1998. She organized, participated and moderated several congresses, (in Portugal and Brazil), colloquia and periodically wrote several scientific articles, since 1998; a book in 2018 in co-authorship and a solo in press. She coordinated the work team and was a researcher for the contents at the Interpretative Centers – Casa do Bandarra and Centro Isaac Cardoso, in Trancoso.

Cláudia Farias, Inventory and Municipal Cultural Plan. Member of the Covilhã’s application Project Team to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Design field, as a trainee at the Culture Division of the Municipality of Covilhã. Graduated in Cultural Sciences by the University of Beira Interior, she participated in several cultural and artistic events, organized by the same institution (Ilustrada 2016, 1º ELI, Workshop on Methodological Procedures for the elaboration of a Municipal Cultural Plan). She was responsible for reviewing in the Jornal de Belmonte project and speaker at the event “Forum of Culture – Creating in the Interior”. In 2020 she concluded the Master in Art History – Specialization in Arts of the Modern Period and Expansion, by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She made an internship in cultural mediation at the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology of Lisbon (MAAT) between 2019 and 2020. She was a solidary illustrator in the annual project “Histórias da Ajudaris” between 2014 and 2019 and actively attends courses in the field of cultural mediation, education in the context of museums, inclusive culture and cultural management and policies.

João Nuno Sardinha, Art Direction, Design and Visual Identity. Master in Didactic and Cultural Studies. His Mathematics and Exact Sciences Applied course attendance raised his enthusiasm for metrics and volumetry, allowing him to complete the degree and a postgraduate degree in Multimedia Design, at the University of Beira Interior. His areas of expertise focus on multimedia design, graphic design, communication design, design and implementation of content for new media and mobile platforms. His vast professional experience also allows him to work with most of the artistic skills in the fields of design, illustration, photography, video, cinema, music, multimedia, interactivity and sensory installations. He is currently a senior technician at the Municipality of Covilhã, working in the areas of communication, design and culture. He collaborates frequently in international projects and conferences and organizes / manages conferences and scientific meetings within diverse scopes.

Sónia Patrícia Nogueira, Design and Communication. Master in Strategic Communication, graduated in Multimedia Design and graduated in Communication Sciences. Currently working in the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Covilhã, her professional experience covers several areas of communication: strategic; autarchic; social; internal; public relations; design and advertising; editorial and content production and photography. Praised and awarded in graphic works and written pieces, in 2014 she published the dissertation “From coat of arms to brand: tradition and innovation in the visual identity of portuguese municipalities”, which deals with the evolution of culture and systemic relations of the different graphic identifiers (coats of arms, logos, symbols and brands) and subsequent visual identity systems in use by the 308 portuguese municipalities.


Rui Pedro Nunes Tinturaria Gallery, Municipality of Covilhã
Sofia Gaspar Museum of Covilhã, Municipality of Covilhã
Lurdes Morais Municipality of Covilhã
Horácio Carvalho Municipality of Covilhã
Silvia Amoroso Municipality of Covilhã
Mafalda Proença Municipality of Covilhã
Bruno Marques Municipality of Covilhã
Nuno Barreiros Municipality of Covilhã
Cristina Caetano Municipal Archive and Library, Municipality of Covilhã

George Silva University of Beira Interior
Inês Costa University of Beira Interior
Lívia Glória University of Beira Interior
Louise Souza University of Beira Interior
Mariquinha Cafuquena University of Beira Interior
Mateus Fonseca University of Beira Interior