The Candidacy

UNESCO Creative Cities Network

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network was created in 2004 aiming  at promoting cooperation between cities that identify creativity, Art, and culture as strategic features for sustainable urban development, placing cultural and creative industries at the centre of their governance, plans and actions for local development and international cooperation.

In this context, cities must develop initiatives aimed at strengthening local dynamics of creative, cultural and artistic activities, strengthening creation, production, distribution and dissemination; foster opportunities for creators and professionals in the cultural and creative sectors; improve and expand the mechanisms of access and participation in the cultural life of the city, particularly for more vulnerable or disadvantaged groups and individuals; and integrating culture and creativity into local sustainable development plans.

The ambition to affirm Covilhã as a Creative City in Design (Responsible or Sustainable) is based on its History, which resulted in the epitome “Portuguese Manchester”, and on the creativity with which it adapted to new times, until a present in which textiles, pursue their identity, now combining it with new areas of innovation and avant-garde.


Catalyse the creative potential at all levels of urban development, aiming at the reinforcement of public policies in the field of urban creativity and contemporary culture;

Establish a new urban mapping for the creative community and cultural industries to strengthen their roles as citizens and contributions to sustainability and citizenship;

Launch seminars and creative residences that can be used to promote synergies between public, private and academic stakeholders, belonging, in particular, to the discipline of design and, in general, open to the community, to enhance collective and participatory research;

Generate dialogues that contribute to expanding design as a creative tool in the urban management process, through transdisciplinary interventions.