Curatorial Council

Giuseppe Lotti

Giuseppe Lotti, Full Professor and Director of the Degree in Industrial Design at the University of Florence / Italy. Coordinator of the PhD in Sustainability and Innovation in the Built Environment. Scientific coordinator of research projects within the European Union, at a national and regional level. Author of multiple essays on the project culture, and curator of several exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. Director of the Giovanni Klaus Koenig Study Center since 2010, and scientific supervisor for the Design for Sustainability and Communication and Image laboratories of the Department of Architecture at the University of Florence. Author of publications regarding design for sustainability in territorial systems and companies in the so-called Global South.

Giulia Bonali, Professor and researcher of Fashion Studies at Polimoda International Institute of Fashion, Florence ( and Costume Design for Cinema at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy. Graduated in Modern Literature by the University of Florence and in Design History by the Royal College of Art and Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London, United Kingdom. In 2016, she obtained a research scholarship for foreigners in Portuguese Culture, promoted by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

Cristina L. Duarte, PhD and graduated in Sociology by NOVA / FCSH, with a postgraduate degree in Studies on Women. Member the research group Faces de Eva of CICS: NOVA. Consultant and advisor in ​​institutional dissemination for cultural / artistic and / or scientific content (CES, FEUC; Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian; ExperimentaDesign; Teatro Municipal de Faro; etc.). She was a tutor at the Instituto Camões (MNE) in the post-graduate course in Contemporary Portuguese Culture (module Design and Fashion.), Invited professor of the Master course of Fashion and Textile Design at ESART / IPCB and professor of Fashion Sociology at CITEM. She developed an intense activity as a journalist, collaborating with magazines such as Blitz, Sete, Ler, Visão, Expresso, Público, Elle, Vogue, Atlantis (Tap) and LaMag. From her work as a screenwriter, the script for the documentary “João Bénard da Costa – In the time of cinema”, by José Carlos Santos, stands out.

Elisa Pinheiro

Elisa Calado Pinheiro, Having a degree in History from the Faculty of Letters of Universidade de Lisboa, she was the founder and first director of the Wool Museum of Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI), an institution where she was also a teacher. Author of numerous scientific publications on the research areas of Archeology, Industrial Heritage, Museology and History of Industry, she has coordinated several international projects, including the transnational pilot project “ARQUEOTEX” and “Rota da Lã – TRANSLANA”. She received several awards and distinctions, including the Silver Medal of Municipal Merit awarded by the Municipality of Covilhã, and the Doctorate Honoris Causa, awarded by Universidade da Beira Interior. She is currently an Integrated Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History at Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

José Vicente, PhD in Sustainable Design and Degree in Design by the FA of UTL. Researcher in design and sustainability since 2006. Member of LABCOM and collaborator at CIAUD. In the past, he collaborated with UNIDCOM and CIESG. Assistant Professor at the UBI; Director of the Master course in Industrial Design. Worked at CSA – Cascais School of Arts & amp; Design; at IADE – European University; and at ESG – Escola Superior Gallaecia. He was a Senior Designer at Almadesign and a member of the Board of the APD – Associação Portuguesa de Designers.

Rita Salvado, Director of the Wool Museum. Assistant Professor at UBI. PhD in Textile Engineering with European PhD (Portugal, France, and Sweden). She has been granted the scientific award The Fiber Society Student Award. She develops leveraged research in synergies between Textile Engineering, Design and Heritage, cooperating with companies in R & D projects and in knowledge transfer actions, promoting the development of the creative textile industry and creative tourism. In 2019 she was granted the Techtextil Innovation Award. She has focused on the projective dimension of the Museum’s collection, the accessibility of ARQUEOTEX and the application of fabrics and historical drawings in the development of new and creative educational and cultural tourism products and services. This line of work is articulated with the dynamization of the Wool Route – TRANSLANA, in an approach of collective valorization of the wool heritage, binding sustainable development.

João Neves

João Neves, Communication designer and professor ESART- IPCB Castelo Branco, having been deputy director, member of several entities and commissions. Collaborator in doctoral programs at UL, at UBI and SUS di Napoli. PhD and Master in Design, Materials and Product Management, graduate in Technology and Graphic Arts. Researcher at CIAUD – FA-ULisboa, and coordinator of its centre in Castelo Branco. Coordinator of the research group ReThink. Coordinator and participant in various funded research and development or transfer projects in the field of design. IPQ expert, Subcommittee 46 – Pictograms and safety symbols. Since 1998, developer of activities in communication designer, having been a founding member of the AND – Associação Nacional de Designers.

Jorge dos Reis, Assistant Professor at FBAUL where he founded and directs the Master Course in Contemporary Typographic and Editorial Practices. Integrated researcher at the Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts. His work is extensive and diverse, dedicated to graphic and typographic design; he exhibits drawing and painting. He collaborated with designer Robin Fior and typographer Alan Kitching. He attended the National Conservatory in the singing class with António Wagner. Degree in Communication Design from FBAUL, Master of Arts from Royal College of Art, Master in Sociology of Communication from ISCTE and doctorate from UL. He is on the scientific and frequently executive board of several national and international magazines and congresses. He has been a visiting professor at universities in several countries.

Luís Jorge Rodrigues Gonçalves

Luís Jorge Rodrigues Gonçalves, PhD in Fine Arts, Art and Heritage / Archeology, from the FBA of Universidade de Lisboa. Associate Professor with Aggregation at FBA of Universidade de Lisboa. History, museology, curatorship, archeology and heritage professor. Publisher of several works on the cultural heritage of Beira Interior, with a Master dissertation entitled: “Castles of Beira Interior in the defence of Portugal: 12th-16th centuries”. Investigator of art history, design, archaeology, spirituality and environmental issues in art.

Michał Krenz holds degrees in Creative Writing from Oxford, and Architecture and Urban Design from Gdańsk and Berlin. His doctoral research at Oxford University focuses on the relationship between cinema and the image of a modernist city. With Oxford TORCH, Environmental Humanities, he researched architecture and the spatial imaginary in postmodern literature, he also wrote on the juxtaposition of urban grids and waterway patterns. A published author and an awarded filmmaker, he works in the film industry. In his paintings, photography, collages – exhibited at individual and group exhibitions in Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, and South Korea – he traces the relationship between the built environment and its inhabitants. His project Sketchy News (with Anina Takeff; supported by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung, of Brandenburg) followed the connection between the  media, politics and national identity. As an architect, he gained experience working in the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, and Poland.

Mónica Romãozinho

Mónica Romãozinho, Professor at FAL – UBI since 2020, with degree in architecture from FA of UTL since 1999, researcher at LABCOM and CIAUD. Main research fields in Jewellery design.Post-doctorate in Design with the project “Possible but improbable spaces: Jewellery Collection” (2021, FAUL). Professor at ESART- IPCB Castelo Branco (2003 to 2020). Coordinator of the Interior Design and Equipment Course at ESART-IPCB (2013-2014). PhD in Design (2013, FA-UTL). Master in Design (2007, FA-UTL). With international articles published in Contemporary Jewellery, Scenography, History of Design, scenography, Drawing, Interior Design areas. Next exhibition: “JewelryDrops2021” at Milano Jewelery Week, Milano, Jun. 2021. Last participation: XXI International Biennial of Art of Cerveira, V.N. de Cerveira, Portugal, Aug 1 – Dec 31 2020.

Luís Nogueira, President of the UBI Department of Arts, where he is Assistant Professor. He was director of the Degree course in Cinema. He teaches course units such as Cinematographic Genres, Screenwriting Laboratory, Editing, History of Cinema, Animation, Photography and Cinema and Other Arts. The relationship between cinema and other arts and media, such as literature, painting, theatre, photography, comics, video clips or new digital media, as well as intertextuality, intermediality and transmediality are other themes of his interest. He has published several cinema books such as Screenwriting Laboratory, Film Genres, Planning and Editing, The Filmmakers and their Art and Cinema Stories.

Sara Velez, PhD in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Universidade de Lisboa, with her research focused on Vilém Flusser’s contributions to a theory of communication design within an information society. Current Professor of Design at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI), where she is also Vice-president of the Department of Arts and directs the Master in Multimedia Design. She is a researcher at LabCom – Communication & Arts, at the same university, also investigating and publishing on design theory, the mediation of communication design objects, the political dimension of design and its dilemmas in a society mediated by information technologies.

Joana Casteleiro

Joana Casteleiro, Professor of design at the FAL-UBI and researcher at LabCom. Researcher in design augmented and new media. PhD in Communication Design at the FBAUL with a particular focus on augmented reality and its repercussions in the educational context. Professor at Lusófona (ULHT – Lisbon) and digital designer. Her extensive portfolio includes brands such as Volkswagen, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Unicef, Henkel, Guardian Newspapers, Pfizer, Ziggo, Phillips, Neutrogena, KLM, among others.

Aidan Rowe, Associate Professor (Design Studies) and Chair of the Department of Art & Design at the University of Alberta, Canada. His research, curatorial and practice interests are in design, health and education. Recent practice-based work explores future design scenarios with a focus on employing participatory design approaches—working with people— as a means to improve practices, processes and services. Current pedagogic work explores the application of design methods and processes to non-design disciplines (public health, engineering, etc.). He is Co-Editor of the GDC Journal and is the co-founder of the Design x Health Research Innovation Lab.

Catarina Grácio de Moura, Assistant Professor at UBI and Vice President at FAL. PhD in Communication Sciences and researcher at LabCom. Co-creator and co-editor of Eikon. She co-organizes DESIGNA and Illustrada – Illustration Day. She collaborates in organizing events and coordinating workgroups in Culture and Fashion Design areas. Member of the Scientific, Editorial and Review Committee of numerous publications and Design and Visual Communication events. Member of the Strategic Council for the Candidacy of Guarda to the European Capital of Culture 2027, of the Scientific Council of the Design Research Network and the Design Observatory. She develops research in the areas of Theory, Culture and Design Criticism; Theory, Culture and Fashion History; Design and Interdisciplinarity; Visual Semiotics; and Contemporary Art.

Francisco Paiva

Francisco Paiva, Associate Professor at UBI, where he directs the PhD in Media Arts. PhD in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country, graduated in Architecture by the University of Coimbra and graduated in Design by the University of Lisbon. He was visiting researcher at the University of Bordeaux 3. He directed the Multimedia Design course for 7 years. He coordinates the Arts Group at LABCOM – Communication and Arts / UBI. He publishes and exhibits regularly. Scientific coordinator of DESIGNA International Conference on Research in Design, iArtes / Arts Research and of the platform Montanha Mágica Arte e Paisagem. Member of CooLabora, a social intervention cooperative.