Art, Acuity, Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mário Raposo

Mário Raposo
Dean of the University of Beira Interior

Throughout history, Covilhã and its people have always revealed art, acuity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, essential elements that contribute to the successful increment of the country’s prestige, the epic discoveries, the development of a woolen industry and, more recently, the welcoming of a University that, functioning as a disruptive actor, is transforming it into a city of knowledge.

Within this framework, the city is currently the stage for the development of political strategies and initiatives aimed at turning knowledge, culture and creativity into engines of urban regeneration and sustainable economic development. We can thus anticipate a leveraging of growth and innovation, as well as its contribution to greater social cohesion and the well-being of citizens.

In this way, I see myself as a self-confessed supporter of Covilhã’s Candidacy for UNESCO’s Creative City in the area of Design.