Covilhã successfully files its candidacy for UNESCO Creative City Network in Design

Covilhã has successfully submitted the dossier for UNESCO’s Creative City candidacy in Design. After three years of extensive and dialogical preparation, the formalization of the submission to the National Secretariat, took place on the afternoon of June 15, and the Mayor, Vítor Pereira, received the note of good acceptance of the document.

With great expectations, the Municipal Councillor Regina Gouveia, and the UNESCO C3D Project Team, mark the moment with great satisfaction and thanks to all those who helped in the creation of partnerships, in the definition of the Action Plan and, of course, and with great emphasis, in the preparation and analysis of the application documents. “As it is certain that the journey has not yet reached its destination, we continue with redoubled spirit,” said the Executive Director of the candidacy, Francisco Paiva.

After submitting the candidacy, as Creative City in design, Covilhã foresees: Promoting the placement of culture and creativity as a fundamental ecosystemic value for the development of the city and the region; heritage regenerating and appraisal of endogenous products, especially those related to textiles, while expanding design to other creative fields; Establishing an effective and overarching “design culture” that changes and responds holistically to adversities such as climate and demographic changes; Fostering a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable ecosystem, with co-creation routines between local and foreign institutions, especially with the Creative Cities Network and the Global South, the local community and the diaspora; and supporting existing institutions and the new creative centre in promoting contemporary culture, digital literacy and education through design.