Commissioner of the National Arts Plan supports C3D UNESCO

Last May, the Commissioner of the National Arts Plan endorsed his support for Covilhã’s application to UNESCO’s Creative City in Design. Paulo Pires do Vale joins C3D UNESCO because he understands that the objectives of the application “cross with those of the strategy of the National Arts Plan (PNA)”. The PNA’s integration presupposes the involvement of the city’s population and heritage with the arts, namely through artistic residencies in some of Covilhã’s schools.

In the missive of the integration in Covilhã’s application to UNESCO’s Creative City in the area of Design, Paulo Pires do Vale congratulates the municipality and its extended partnership for the initiative, emphasizing that this approach is valuable because both C3D UNESCO and PNA defend “the access to cultural enjoyment and production, the close relationship between citizens, heritage and the arts, and the personal and community creative development”, noted the Commissioner.

Since the PNA is already being applied in two of the city’s schools, the Quinta das Palmeiras Secondary School and the Campos Melo Secondary School, Pires do Vale also reinforces that the partnership with C3D UNESCO will contribute to “deepen projects that aim to bring the arts, design, and heritage together in these schools’ context, through a transdisciplinary way, underlining their relationship with citizenship and sustainability”, he pointed. The Commissioner intends this integration of the National Arts Plan in Covilhã, Creative City to be consistent, proposing, at the outset, the presence of a resident Designer in the schools of the Municipality, according to the PNA’s Strategic Plan’s Resident Artist Project. The structure of Covilhã, Creative City has received “with great pleasure the availability from the National Arts Plan to join the UNESCO’s application”. The Executive Director, Francisco Paiva, underlines, particularly, “the possibility of benefiting from the presence of designers residing in Covilhã’s schools”. The rejoice is shared by both the Mayor of Covilhã, Vítor Pereira, and the Councilor for Culture, Regina Gouveia.