Portas do Sol Festival

Between the 1st and 3rd days of July, Covilhã will be the stage for the Portas do Sol Festival, which bets on street arts to breathe new life into the city’s historic centre.

Organized by one of Covilhã’s cultural associations – ASTA – Associação de Teatro e Outras Artes – the event is held for its second consecutive year and features music, circus, dance and poetry performances.

The Portas do Sol Festival seeks to bring “different artistic manifestations to meet the public eye and, simultaneously, to favor the affirmation of street arts as a democratizing and emancipatory trend, capable of generating an innovative and demanding creative attitude”, whereby, according to ASTA, “was cast the seed for the future of street arts in the city”.

Affirming that “culture and the arts have no barriers”, the organization emphasizes that Portas do Sol is a free space, and the shows will be presented in various key points of the city.