International Conference on Creative Structures

The Regional Directorate of Culture – Centre (DRCC) intends to continue the promotion of a broad discussion on the role of culture in the development of territories.

In 2021, the debate will take place on the 1st and 2nd days of July at New Hand Lab, and it’s focused on creating the necessary conditions for fostering and optimizing structures that can facilitate creativity in a territorial context and close relationship with the communities, promoting expanded and resilient cultural and creative ecosystems. The issues to be approached include the formulation of cultural strategies and policies, the role of education and training, and the ways of managing and developing creative spaces.

The Conference aims to promote and debate national and international visions and experiences, as well as to place the culture at the center of territorial and societal development. It is addressed to cultural and creative operators, including local and regional authorities and the private sector, and to all actors involved in regional and local planning.