Online Work Meeting

On February 22, 2022, between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, the first working meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities in Design took place, in which the three new members of the Design subgroup, designated in 2021, were welcomed: Covilhã ( Portugal), Doha (Qatar) and Whanganui (New Zealand).

The meeting was held via Zoom and was aimed specifically at Focal Points and members of the Creative Cities in Design teams. Curitiba was the host of the meeting, which had the simultaneous presence of hundreds of participants, in various locations around the world. The welcome and closing sessions were led by Stijn Debaillie (Kortrijk) and Cindy Lee (Wuhan), respectively Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Design (COD) subgroup.

Three representatives of new COD members were invited to intervene in the first part of the meeting, introducing their city to all participants. The participants were then divided into rooms/working groups, dedicated to the discussion of four specific themes within the scope of Design: Design & Education, Design & Policy, Design & Communication, Design & Business Development. In the second part, the representative from Wuhan presented the COD exhibition at the sixth Wuhan Design Biennial, while the representative from Kaunas updated the group on the activities scheduled for 2022. A possible collaboration between the COD subgroup and others was also discussed. international networks, inside and outside UNESCO.