World Day of Graphic Design

To celebrate the World Day of Graphic Design, the “Covilhã, City of Design” joined the CTT – Post Office of Portugal and presented, on April 27, an exclusive philately piece – an entire postcard with stamp and postmark.

The public ceremony, which took place at the Great Hall of Covilhã’s Town Hall, was attended by the Mayor, Vítor Pereira, the Councillor in charge of Culture, Regina Gouveia, and CTT’s Commercial Director, Cidália Capitão. The event was also attended by the head of the CTT Covilhã shop, several students and teachers of the city’s visual arts courses, as well as personalities, representatives of structures, institutions and partners with connections to the UNESCO Creative City in Design.

This was also the way to mark the implementation of the official symbol “Covilhã, City of Design”, designed by Francisco Paiva, and to present some of the ongoing projects, among which “Debuxo na Calçada” (Design on the pavement), that will soon begin in the sidewalks along the Public Garden.

The Mayor praised, once again, the conquest of this world title, informing that “we are in a period of transition, continuity and reinforcement, so everyone is crucial to maintain and honour this designation”.

In the same manner, Councillor Regina Gouveia highlighted that this is “a moment that symbolises a new phase of the project that began long before the preparation of the application that we saw approved on 8 November 2021. The designation indelibly marked a long collective challenge, which will certainly not end with the implementation of the ambitious Action Plan planned until 2025. A creative city must have this openness and capacity to involve and value the best that we have”, as she pointed out, through the presentation of several ongoing projects and applications in the scope of design.

Cidália Capitão congratulated the municipality and Covilhã for the “world designation of creative city in design, as it reveals a great commitment of the whole team and the citizens of Covilhã”. The CTT Commercial Director clarified that “every year, the Portuguese Post chooses themes considered as extraordinary achievements in Portugal”, so they could not forget the city of Covilhã.

It is also worth mentioning that this entire postcard is a limited edition of the national post, which will be kept at the CTT Museum, and whose print can be purchased at CTT post offices in Portugal, for the value of the national postage stamp. This copy contains a detail of a tapestry by the local artist Ana Paula Almeida, which she entitled “Nature Reborn” (Natureza Renascida), a stamp designated as “Covilhã Sea” and a stamp dated specifically: “27.04.2022”.

The postcard, stamped and signed by those present at the ceremony, will become part of the Covilhã Museum collection.